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Visit Upgrades


Visit Upgrades

Customize your next visit with these optional services and amenities!

Locker Rental

We recommend that guests store their valuables in a locker while enjoying their visit with us. We offer two types of locker rentals for your convenience.  

Unlimited, All-Day Locker Rental

  • Two new Larger Sizes offer more space for your stuff!  USB Phone Chargers (2) in every locker!  Convenient purchase kiosks at lockers! Family Sharing!  
  • No key to carry! Open and close your locker as often as you like during your visit!
  • Located by the Bath House (at Cowabunga Beach) and at Thunder Bay.
  • Be sure that your locker is closed and locked and remember your code before walking away!

Large Size: $11.95+tax  |  Family Size: $20.25+tax

Pay as you go lockers

  • A limited number of Standard sized lockers, available at Cowabunga Beach, Thunder Bay, Calypso Cove and the Big Top.
  • Locker tokens may be purchased by token machines and guest service locations!  Unused tokens may be redeemed for a refund at the main entry guest services at the end of your visit!
  • Do not leave your locker key unattended, be sure your door is locked before leaving and remember your locker number!

Standard Size: $1 per token (one token required each time the locker is locked)

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