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Limited Attractions/Services
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Open 10 am – 6 pm Weather Permitting
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Bow Wow Dog Beach Dog Day
01 November 2019Closed
02 November 2019Closed
03 November 2019Closed
04 November 2019Closed
05 November 2019Closed
06 November 2019Closed
07 November 2019Closed
08 November 2019Closed
09 November 2019Closed
10 November 2019Closed
11 November 2019Closed
12 November 2019Closed
13 November 2019Closed
14 November 2019Closed
15 November 2019Closed
16 November 2019Closed
17 November 2019Closed
18 November 2019Closed
19 November 2019Closed
20 November 2019Closed
21 November 2019Closed
22 November 2019Closed
23 November 2019Closed
24 November 2019Closed
25 November 2019Closed
26 November 2019Closed
27 November 2019Closed
28 November 2019Closed
29 November 2019Closed
30 November 2019Closed

2019 Operating Schedule, Weather & Raincheck Info

Park Hours are 10 am to 6 pm daily, weather permitting. Please call 303-427-7873 (SURF) for up-to-date information regarding inclement weather and park operating status. Hours, dates, attractions and prices are subject to change without notice.

Are there days when Water World will not open due to weather?

Yes. Because we are an outdoor park with all water attractions, there are days we might not be able to open for guest comfort or safety. We look at temperatures at park opening as well as forecasted high temperatures (we also take into account cloud cover, wind and precipitation on these cool days). We typically make these decisions by 9 am and we suggest you check out our website or call us for updates on questionable weather days.

What happens if it rains during my visit to the park?

We will close our attractions when unsafe conditions are present (as determined by Management in conjunction with our weather service). We will re-open when weather conditions in our immediate area are safe to do so (we cannot guarantee ideal weather conditions). In the event we cannot re-open our attractions within 60 minutes, you’ll receive a full or half-day ticket for a return visit this season or next (you must exchange today’s ticket stub). No refunds are issued regardless of time spent in the park. While we cannot issue raincheck tickets before 60 minutes of attraction closure, we do offer a raincheck waitlist at Guest Services. No refunds are issued. There are no refunds or rain checks on incidental expenses (such as Personal Tube Rental, Tube Valet, etc).

I received a mid-day raincheck during my last visit, can I upgrade it to a full-day ticket?

If you received a mid-day raincheck during your last visit, you may visit again for free beginning at 1:45 pm. If you wish to upgrade the mid-day raincheck to a full-day ticket, the current rate to do so this season (2020) is $22.99 + tax. You may upgrade your mid-day raincheck ticket at Guest Services (next to the entry turnstiles).

I have an Early Entry Enabled Ticket-how does that work?

Please click here to learn more about Early Entry!

What does Limited Attractions & Services mean?

Due to our team members returning to school, some attractions and services may be closed or on a delayed opening. These are great days to visit the park since attendance is typically lower than normal!

  • Some examples of closed or delayed opening attractions may include (but are not limited to) Warp Speed, all or parts of Calypso Cove, Wally World, the Warming Pool, Silly Shores,  “The Lines” and The Wave (surfing ride).
  • Closed services may include some food service locations (food service is still available), Cabana Rental, Sunrise Sales, Unlimited Use Lockers (token lockers still available throughout the park) and Personal Tube rental. Tube Valet Service may be closed on select days and will be closed on Thursday and Friday.
  • Attractions and services will be most limited Wednesday, August 15th – Friday, August 17th.
  • Please call Guest Services at 303-427-7873 for the most up to date information on the day of your visit! Attractions and services subject to change without notice.